Server Rates

– EXP/SP x25 -> x30 (with vote reward) – Adena x10 – Drop x10 – Spoil x10 – Seal Stones x10 – RB Drop x5 – Epic RB Drop x1 – Quest: x1 - Safe Enchant: +4 - Max Enchant: +16

Server General Info

Organized community board that includes every need of a player. Gatekeeper, service manager, buffer, donations Service Manager that provides all type of needs to every player. GMShop, warehouse, Augmenting etc. (Cant use this CB features out of PEACE ZONES) .

Extra Features

– Autolearn skills – Auto loot – Auto Augment Weapon by right click on life stone (very fast way to augment the weapon in 1 click, it will warn you when you get an skill) – Weight limit increased x5 – Inventory slots 120 (for Dwarf 150) – Shift + click on monsters to see the droplist – MP potions (500 + 10s delay) – Offline shop. – Buff slots 27+4 (buff duration 2h, selfbuffs retail) – Buff block skill – Cancel (all skills with cancel effect), removes buffs for 15 seconds, then the buffs return. – First class change FREE – Second class change FREE – Third class change FREE – Subclass FREE - Olympiad max enchant +6 (Armor, Weapon and Jewerly) – Nobless QUEST, supplier of reagents quest (for monstone shard and hellfire oil) has been increased x3 rates.

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