The server has equal conditions between donator and non donator.

Event Systems

Event Engine TvT, CTF, DM, Last Man, and more!.

Best PvP balance

The server has an advanced balancer for ALL Skills and Classes (Include Olympiad Balance).

Anti DDOS and Anti Hack

Enjoy the server and they security with BEST Dedicated Server and smart-guard system for play without cheaters and have a stable gameplay.


This server is retail-like PvP-Craft. U need to grow your gear with your effort.

Support 24/7

If you or your friends see something wrong from the server, we have a ULTRA Active Admin for fix ALL the problems as fast as possible. Make a post in forum with all proofs possible and will solve it fast!
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Welcome to L2Immortal

We welcome you to our server, we have worked for a long time to improve all the configurations and systems of the server to give the best possible PvP experience. We will also be attentive and work to make the gameplay of our players as fun as possible, we are always open to new suggestions. Hope you enjoy!